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««The Eskimos – Salted Caramel»» Ice Cream
Ice Cream weight, 450 g

«The Eskimos – Salted Caramel»

The salted caramel has been setting new and new sales records both in Europe and USA for some consecutive years now. Such concernment of this product has been provided by fine dining restaurants. The French chef Pierre Hermé is considered to be the author of the said invention, i.e. salted caramel. Everyone might be surprised of the salt properties, whereby it is able to emphasize taste of caramel and therefore provide for inimitable flavor of any dessert, which ingredient it is. So, be offered to feel the taste of the luxury cuisine embodied in ice cream.


Total protein
3.9 g
Total fat
12.1 g
Total carbohydrate
20.0 g
Energy value / Calories
855.6 kJ (204.5 kcal)

Packing structure

Barcode 4820154727181
Weight (g) 450
Quantity (pcs.) 6



There is a belief that the French chef Pierre Hermé was the first to take a shot in adding salt to caramel. The flavor he's got was highly appreciated by fine dining lovers and now the salted caramel sets new and new sales records both in Europe and USA.

Have just a taste of such unusual combination embodied in ice cream!