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The first prize winner of the geography-specific competition 'Charitable Zhytomyr Region - 2014' in category 'A Philanthropist: Company - large-scale business'

Reward from the National University of Food Technologies

Grand Prix for 'The Eskimos' Plombir Ice Cream and 'Frozen Yoghurt with Wild Berries' Yoghurt Cream Ice acc. DSTU (National Ukrainian Standard) 4733:2007

Gold medal for 'Frozen Yoghurt with Raspberries' Yoghurt Cream Ice and 'The Impreza - Three Chocolates' Plombir Ice Cream acc. DSTU (National Ukrainian Standard) 4733:2007

Gold medal for sweet dairy butter 'Volohodske' (fat content 82.5% wt) and rustic dairyt butter 'Khutorok Selianskyi' (fat content 73.0% wt) acc. DSTU (National Ukrainian Standard) 4399:2005

Note of commendation for substantial personal contribution and promotion of football in Zhytomyr Region

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