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Dairy Butter - Indisputably Wholesome Product for Organism!


When struggling for the neat and slim figure we are used to reject a lot of our favorite food. However, from the point of view of the nutrition specialists it is extremely undesirable, or even dangerous to exclude some food components from the ration. Foremost, those who grow thin may be subject to serious acedia followed by over-consumption, thus bringing to naught all effects from such diets. On the second hand, each product has just such wholesome qualities that are required by our organism in order to provide for balanced functioning thereof.

Nobody could stumble at usefulness of fruits or, for example, vegetable. Therefore, why the dairy butter is so displeased by the most of us? The discussions about harmful and wholesome properties of this dairy industry invention have been held just through decades.

The dairy butter is considered to be a record-holder as to content of vitamins and nutritive elements. The daily portion of the dairy butter required for consumption by healthy man, i.e. 10-30 g, contains fat acids, carbohydrates, proteins, zinc, manganese, copper, iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium. However, it is not full list of its advantages. Vitamin E makes our skin, nails and hairs healthy and good-looking; Vitamin A is indispensible for our eyesight, immune and genital systems; Vitamin D provides for strength of our teeth and bones. Despite the fact that the dairy butter is rather calorigenic product, it is nevertheless of extreme usefulness in such case. It provides us with the vital power and energy required for struggle with everyday stresses and confusions. The fats, in their turn, provide for warming up of our body, in particular in cold time of year.

As the said product has become an indispensible component of the daily ration of every family, it is therefore important to use only high-quality dairy butter. “Rud” TM is the real dairy butter produced with application of the innovative technologies and in compliance with the highest quality standards, i.e. it does not contain any preservatives or odorants. Even the most severe critic can not stay apart and be indifferent to the wide range of products (“Vologodske”, “Gold”, “Khutorok”, etc.)

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