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Freezer ice-cream Horeca

What is freezer ice-cream?

  • Business of selling soft ice-cream from freezer is an interesting niche in the ice-cream business.
  • An ice-cream from freezer is the tenderest dairy dessert which has a big success with consumers. This product is especially loved by children and young people. Read more >
  • The formulation of a “soft” ice-cream is of Italian origin, the mixture is made of milk. It is pasteurized and homogenised, which makes the ice-cream especially tender. It is called “soft” not without reason.
  • There is a special apparatus for making a soft ice-cream called “freezer”. It whips and packs up the ice-cream in cups and cones.

The advantages of the freezer ice-cream «Rud»

High quality

The product is made in keeping with the best traditions of “Rud” company – the leader of the Ukrainian ice-cream market. Modern technology, high-quality ingredients, natural milk and as the result you get the tenderest ice-cream with the taste of a butter cream.


Our product is suitable for using in all types of freezers. The mixture can be supplemented with fillers and additives both during the freezing and at the moment of ice-cream batching.

Ease and speed of preparation

Our ice-cream is a finished product which requires only unfreezing to a temperature not higher than +6°C and loading in freezer.


We offer you an ice-cream which is a finished product and does not require the additional operations as, for example, in the event of using dry mixtures dissolved with water.

Cooking method

1. Unfreeze the mixture in the bucket to a temperature not higher than +6°C.
2. Pour in the freezer and activate the whip mode.
3. Batch in the cups or cones.

Storage conditions

The product can be kept in the freezing chamber for 12 months at a temperature (24 +-2)°С, for 10 months at a temperature (18 +-2)°С.


After defrosting, the mixture can be kept in refrigerator for 3 days!

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