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«“Vologods’ke” 82.5%» Products
Dairy butter, 200 g

“Vologods’ke” 82.5%

Butter Vologodske, 82.5% is being produced according to the original technology. In order to produce this butter, the following special requirements are to be set for the milk: Enhanced quality control (milk is to be not less than of the first grade); Reservation is to take part separately from main milk volume; Enhanced control for processes of separation and recovery of the high-quality cream. Peculiarity of production technology is considered to be the high-temperature (thermal) processing of milk with subsequent exposure to the high temperature within hermetic vessel.


Total protein
0.5 g
Total fat
82.5 g
Total carbohydrate
0.8 g
Energy value / Calories
3130 kJ (748 kcal)

Packing structure

Weight (g)200
Quantity (pcs.)20

Special taste and flavor of "Vologodske" dairy butter reflects credit on the special technology, whereby the premium dairy cream is treated at the high temperature.

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