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«Classic Ravioli with Dairy Cream Butter» Frozen ready-to-cook food
Frozen ready-to-cook food weight, 900 g

Classic Ravioli with Dairy Cream Butter

Such Ravioli are made based upon special paste prepared in same way as well-known Italian pasta. Due to such a technology, the paste does not become soft boiled, while Ravioli perfectly hold their shape. Dairy cream butter added to the minced meat really enhances the tenderness of our new product!


Total protein
9.5 g
Total fat
10.7 g
Total carbohydrate
33.8 g
Energy value / Calories
269.45 kcal (1126 kJ)

Packing structure

Barcode 4820196520122
Weight (g) 900
Quantity (pcs.) 11