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«Eskimos» Fruit and Berry Ice Cream
Ice Cream, 80 g

«Eskimos» Fruit and Berry Ice Cream

Frozen purée of grated apples, juicy raspberries, black currants and best ever fresh ripe strawberries coated with soft and tender chocolate. Feel the refreshing taste of summer berries and fruits!


Total protein
0.9 g
Total fat
13,4 g
Total carbohydrate
33,5 g
Energy value / Calories
1079,5 кДж(kJ) / 258 ккал(kcal)

Packing structure

Weight (g)80
Quantity (pcs.)30
Company "Rud"
Ice Cream

On-the-day rating: 5 of 5 (Votes: 1)

Useful properties of Fruits & berries

Apples will provide for best digestion; raspberries will remove toxins from the body; black currants will support cardiac function, while strawberries will slow down ageing process. And for sure, you can find all these delicacies in mix of frozen mashed fruits & berries!

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