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«Smoothie Mango» Ice Cream
Ice Cream, 70 g

Smoothie Mango

A smoothie ice cream with natural fruit puree made from sweet, juicy, and fragrant mangoes. This tropical fruit is called “the fruit of the gods” for its special taste. Often, it is served as a dessert in its own right, so just imagine how delicious are the dainties made from it!


Total protein
1,2 g
Total fat
13,7 g
Total carbohydrate
36,2 g
Energy value / Calories
908 кДж (217 ккал)

Packing structure

Weight (g)70
Quantity (pcs.)30
Mango is good for you

Mango contains a lot of nutrients. The Asian apple is rich in vitamins B, C, D, E and minerals —calcium, phosphorus, iron. It also contains five times as much vitamin A, which is very useful for eyesight, as mandarins. Besides, mango is rich in essential amino acids, which our body does not produce and needs to source from food. Mango strengthens our immune system and protects healthy cells. Also, it helps relieve nervous tension and improve your mood quickly.

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