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Introducing Gelato: Ice cream like in a cafe

Why we love to order ice cream in a cafe? The original rich taste, beautiful serving and pleasant softness... Now such ice cream can be enjoyed at home!

Introducing Gelato: an ice cream which stay soft even if it is straight from the fridge. It is all thanks to a special recipe, which lowers the freezing point. Do not break the knives and spoons; do not wait until melted - eat immediately!

Gelato - a series of flavors that are very popular among the visitors ice cream cafe. Decide which is your favorite? 

Mascarpone with Strawberries

This ice cream is based on the recipe of the famous English chef Jamie Oliver. Italian mascarpone cream cheese with slices of fragrant strawberries and strawberry jam - a perfect combination of flavors, which we have embodied in Gelato ice cream.

Belgian chocolate

This is a piece of chocolate art created in partnership with one of the world's leading manufacturers of chocolate - Barry Callebaut. Delicate chocolate pieces screwed into chocolate ice cream with special technology, regard to which they are distributed evenly throughout the dessert.

Sundae ice cream 

You do not need to go to Italy to try the ice cream with the taste of custard - gelato crema. After all, we also know the famous Italian culinary secrets! The highlight of the dessert gelato crema - eggs yolk. It makes taste delicious cream incredibly . Try "Sundae ice cream" to be sure!


We have increased the flavor of pistachio ice cream by adding pieces of caramelized nuts refined peanut praline. The result was a magnificent composition that will appeal to lovers of pistachio delicacies!

Soft caramel

A masterpiece of confectionary art: soft caramel ice cream with a delicate caramel watering and caramelized nuts. Extremely combined with the coffee!

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