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From 5 to 9 October, Rud, headed by its CEO, Petro Rud, visited Anuga, one of the largest food trade fairs in 2019 in Germany.

Anuga is an international trade fair of processed food and beverages for retailers and wholesalers supplying the catering market. 

Its main motto is Quality and Safety of Products.

Anuga is impressive in its scale: the event brought together 10 specialised fairs and attracted over 7,590 participants from 107 countries as well as 170,000 visitors.

Anuga food fair has become a real platform for inspiration for Rud as the Ukrainian ice cream production leader, since such events allow us to both present our own success and find new partners as well as to learn about the current food trends, advanced technologies and approaches and adopt the best practices of our colleagues. We are committed to developing and opening up new horizons to keep our consumer satisfied!

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