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Denial of information published by online media


Zhytomyr Butter Plant denies the information published by several news portals on 7 October 2018 regarding the non-compliance of the Zhytomyrske butter with DSTU 4399:2005.

First of all, we would like to note that RudTM Zhytomyrske butter was discontinued in 2016. Yet the quality of the product we produced was beyond doubt. This is confirmed by the test report of the All-Ukrainian Association for Consumer Rights Protection, NGO, dated 17 February 2016 and the audit finding of the Public Control of Consumer Rights Protection, NGO.

Rud is concerned about the unprofessional work of the online media that published out-of-date information, referring to the Ukrainian butter quality study mentioned in the publication of Oleksii Doroshenko dated 19 July 2016. This violates the Ukrainian laws and indicates non-compliance with the journalists’ ethical principles.

As a leader in the Ukrainian market of ice cream and frozen products, Rud cares about its consumers and is fully responsible for the quality and safety of its products.

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