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Congratulations to the winners' sweetest moment "Holy Ice 2012!


The participants of the ‘Sweetest Instant’ Competition have caught and collected a lot of outstanding instants in the time of the ‘Ice-Cream Parties 2012’. And each of them has been so heartfelt and deep….When anyone looks these photos, he definitely gets acquainted with a real happiness!

The ‘Sweetest Instant’ Competition has been held in framework of the ‘Ice-Cream Parties 2012’ from May 10th to July 30th. The personal photos have been sent by 735 participants. By results of voting held with participation of our site visitors, we have selected one photo from each city. The finalists’ team was added by further 18 participants, whose photo have been worthy of being represented in the competition final upon the jury’s judgment.

Finalists of the Competition:

Antin Zaremba
Olga Kuzmych
Olena Sudarikova
Nadia Pospieieva
Andriy Blyzniuk
Tetiana Babenko
Tetiana Bilova
Alla Danylevska
Iryna Dotsenko
Olga Tsymbal
Olena Trotsiuk
Denis Bielov
Lilia Mosina
Vita Boiarchuk
Iryna Rasko
Natalia Pokofieva
Oleksandr Dzhygadlo
Danylo Dzhura
Nelia Khristova
Iulia Shynkarenko
Kateryna Nevirkovets
Angelina Kim
Natalia Krasota
Olga Shved
Tetiana Marzhynska
Sergii Maslennikov
Liudmyla Kovalenko
Anastasia Goliak
Vita Angoliuk
Olena Kovalenko
Olena Golodiuk
Aliona Tomka
Iulia Shylova
Khrystyna Popovych
Oleg Tykhun
Svitlana Markarian
Natalia Zanko
Victoria Mykoliuk
Tetiana Sereda
Anastasia Ivanchenko
Kateryna Logachova
Olga Sagalkova
Victoria Krasavina
Oksana Radionova
Lidia Aksionova
Gennadii Martorosov
Olena Gagosova
Natalia Zhukova
Andrii Andrushkiv
Andrii Gryshchuk

Therefore, the independent jury had the complicated task – to select the sweetest, most positive and bright photo among 50 beautiful, bright and positive artworks.

By the decision made by the independent jury, the first prize of The ‘Sweetest Instant’ Competition has been awarded to Mrs. Tetiana Sereda from the city of Lutsk.

The Company of “Rud” is sincerely thankful to everybody who had taken part in the Competition. Congratulations to the final Winners!

The Company of “Rud” everyday aspires to share joy and holiday with You and Your family! Therefore, stay with us, follow the online news on the site and official pages of the Company in the social networks. Take part in our campaigns and competitions! You’ll definitely win!

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