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«Ferment (aka Zakvaska) 3,2%» Dairy products
Dairy products, 500 g

Ferment (aka Zakvaska) 3,2%

The cultured milk product with high content of the biologically active cultured microorganisms. The said product has a delicate taste and assists in normalization of the gut organisms’ functions, elimination of bacteriosis, betterment of appetite, prevention of the adverse effects induced by antibiotics, reduction of the cholesterol level in blood, improvement of the immune system and vitality of the organism in general.


Total protein
2.8 g
Total fat
3.2 g
Total carbohydrate
3.6 g
Energy value / Calories
227.6 kJ (54.4 kcal)

Packing structure

Barcode 4820154721981
Weight (g) 500
Quantity (pcs.) 20
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