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«"Gelato" Crème Plombières» Ice Cream
Ice Cream, 320 g

"Gelato" Crème Plombières

Ice cream with crème plombières flavor made of vanilla and cream custard. That’s what gives this dessert its exquisite delicacy and airy texture. It tastes much like genuine Italian gelato crema!


Total protein
3,9 g
Total fat
10,1 g
Total carbohydrate
23,3 g
Energy value / Calories
835,5 kJ (199,7 kcal)

Packing structure

Barcode 4820154728553
Weight (g) 320
Soft and smooth, just like in cafés

Just like a portion that you order in a café, Gelato has a pleasant temperature and delicate texture. Due to a special formula, it is soft even when you just take it out of the freezer.

You can easily eat Gelato with a spoon and enjoy every moment of it.

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