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Ukraine has long been famous for its butter tradition. Zhytomyr Region also owns the part of the fame. PJSC “Zhytomyr Butter Plant” has been continuing the glorious tradition of Ukrainian butter producers for over than 30 years, producing more than 10 types of useful and natural product. Zhytomyr Butter Plant was founded in 1981. The same year producers have developed a recipe of butter called “Zhytomyrske”.

This year RUD Company decided to produce a new product – the butter following the same recipe of 1981 under the slogan “Traditions Acknowledged by Time”. “Zhytomyrske” Butter is made of natural pasteurized cream. This sweet cream butter contains 73.0% of fat and its weight is 200 g.

Currently, the glorious traditions of butter industry of Zhytomyr Region are put into life in “Zhytomyrske” Butter of RUD TM, thus perennializing the name of our ancient city and allowing our customers to contribute to the history by enjoying the new product.

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