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“The Sweetest Moment” of Ice Cream Holidays Defined!


Within two months RUD ice cream fans could upload photos from the Ice Cream Holiday in their city or tag themselves in the photos of the RUD team photographer. Thus, they entered Sweetest Momentcompetition and competed for the top prize - Nikon D3200 digital camera.

Deciding the winner lasted two busy weeks. During the first week visitors of the website were actively voting for their much fancied participants. During the second week independent judging panel was intensely disputing upon the sweetest, the most beautiful and most aptly photograph. It was difficult for the judging panel to make a decision, because during the competition they received many (over 300) really apt, sensual pictures with a great depth of meaning in them. They would like to award each participant with a special prize.

For this reason, after the first stage of selecting, even participants who to the judging panel’s and visitors’ opinion were worthy to compete for the top prize have been added to the number of finalists.

Thus, 52 participants were qualified for the final:

  • Оlena Sych
  • Ludmila Pawluk
  • Olga Mayhrovych
  • Julia Mayhrovych
  • Natalia Horoshaya
  • Vlada Tihomir
  • Ulyana Holynska
  • Alexandra Silivanovych
  • Victor Mazurok
  • Jana Tymchuk
  • Oleg Zheleznyy
  • Alexander Mazepa
  • Svitlana Lyaschuk
  • Zachar Olihradskyy
  • Anna Sholudko
  • Catherine Feldeshi
  • Catherine Logachova
  • Julia Abramova
  • Natalia Vaso
  • Anna Moroz
  • Natalia Moskalenko
  • Yaroslav Chukhno
  • Svetlana Yarmolenko
  • Daniel Nykytyuk
  • Tatyana Antonova
  • Oksana Demydas
  • Maria Haytsenreder
  • Liubov Varagyan
  • Yaroslav Luzhetskyy
  • Anastasia Levytska
  • Natalia Matskevich
  • Irina Kozachuk
  • Michael Kovalnytskyy
  • Andrew Pashkovets
  • Natalia Matviichuk
  • Salomiya Zvarych
  • Natalia Feskova
  • Marina Bodi
  • Angelina Lazareva
  • Dmytro Stretovych
  • Ludmila Eremenko
  • Olena Panasenko
  • Lubomir Veremeychuk
  • Yevgenia Vasylyeva
  • Ludmyla Ivanenko
  • Olena Poberezhna
  • Elena Kovalenko
  • Natalie Prymochenko
  • Mykola Stolyarchuk
  • Dariya Schuka
  • Olga Stetsyuk
  • Victoria Zabolotna

As you can see, the task was difficult and required much effort and long discussion. But nevertheless, the judging panel has defined the Sweetest Moment of Ice Cream Holidays - the photo of Ulyana Holynska who gets Nikon D3200 camera.

We thank all the participants and RUD ice cream fans. And we congratulate the finalists on gaining the victory and winning peculiar magnetic photo frames!

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