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Series of Ice-Cream “Child’s Wish” by TM “Rud” – The Best for You!


The ice-cream is considered to be one of the most favorite delicacies, especially for children. This is due to its high taste qualities – amazing combination of delicate sweetness and refreshing coolness. To the date there are a lot of different kinds of the ice-cream, however the most favorite among them has been, is and shall be “Plombyr” – delicate ice-cream with cream flavor. There is the special State Standard (DSTU) approved in Ukraine stipulating that the product with number DSTU 4733:2007 shall be just treated as “Plombyr”. For the comparison, the ice-cream produced with usage of vegetable fats shall be numbered as DSTU 4735:2007.

The Company “Rud” is known to be the most large-scaled producer of the ice-cream in whole, and in particular, of Plombyr and high-fat ice cream. Such factors as availability of the own raw materials stock, highly skilled specialists facilitate the output of high-quality products conforming to European level.

The Ice-Cream Better than Candies

In 2011, the series of the ice-cream “Child’s Wish” was offered by the Company “Rud” to its domestic and foreign consumers. It is a matter of fact that the children are considered to be the main admirers of cool delicacy, however their parents are known to be in habit of asking a question whether it is wholesome product, and where it is possible to buy for their kids the ice-cream produced only from milk stuff and containing neither flavoring, nor coloring or preserving agents?

The “Child’s Wish” series was developed specially for the purpose of meeting the demands for the ice-cream produced only from milk stuff and containing none of flavoring, coloring or preserving agents. The aforesaid ice-cream contains a lot of wholesome substances – calcium, phosphor, iron, lactose, C, А, В1, В2 and Е vitamins - more than 100 important components in total. This ice-cream is considered to be the source of easily digested protein. The ice-cream “Child’s Wish” by TM “Rud” raises the spirits and cures for the stress – it contains tryptophane – an amino acid (natural tranquilizer) soothing the nervous system and sharing the feeling of joy. Even healthcare practitioners confirm that it shall be much better when the high-quality ice-cream – for example “Child’s Wish” is given to the child instead of candies having unknown compounds and harmful coloring agents. By the way, the ice-cream just being recommended by physicians as primary preventive mean for adults’ and children’s quinsy.

This product line position has already won the confidence of large audience for just first few months. And no wonder – perfect taste qualities, natural ingredients and the corporate hero – cow Maniasha are considered to be the components representing the unique combination of packing and the product itself.  The kids especially appreciate has become the appearance of cow Maniasha on the national children’s portal of the “Rud” Company -

No flavoring, coloring and preserving agents

Let us describe this series in detail. It is being produced only with application of high-quality cream, unique formulations and advanced technologies. The inscription on packing: “No flavoring, coloring and preserving agents” — is not only big words as the “Child’s Wish” contains no any artificial components, while the optimal combination of perfect taste qualities, consistency and smell is obtained exclusively due to naturalness of the product. Moreover, the “Rud” Company has selected the most successful methods of such ice-cream presentation to consumers: waffle cone that is considered to be as customary classic, one of the most favorite formats of the ice-cream among children; Escimo – for devotees of the ice-cream on stick covered with delicate chocolate glaze; containers 500 and 250 g – very convenient domestic packing of economy class.

And the result has not taken long to appear: the “Child’s Wish” is known to be to the date as one of the most popular position of the ice-cream in Ukraine being loved by children and adults. The next step in development of the said brand has become the addition of just existing range by new positions.

Novelties of Series

3 new positions of the “Child’s Wish” shall become available at the Ukrainian market in 2012. Devotees of the ice-cream on stick shall have a chance to taste the unique Escimo – without glaze and having a new shape of «screw».

At the numerous requests of the consumers, starting from 2012 the “Child’s Wish” shall be produced in the form of cone, thus making happy the devotees of such presentation of the ice-cream. Fans of flavors having “special appeal” shall be completely satisfied with the “Child’s Wish” – “Peach-Muesli” – the bright combination of the real high-fat ice-cream, sliced peach and muesli.

The quality of the “Child’s Wish” series was recognized at various exhibitions and degustation forums. In confirmation of the above, the ice-cream “Child’s Wish” won the golden medal under nomination “High-fat ice-cream, Plombyr” at the International Specialized Exhibition “World of Ice-cream and Cold”, Kyiv held in March 2011. Professional commission of degustation experts has recognized Plombyr by the “Rud” Company to be the best one among more than 30 specimens of the ice-cream made by domestic and foreign producers.

Name of the series – “Child’s Wish” is considered to contain our major mission – to meet the wishes of juniors, provide children and adults with possibility to take pleasure in tasty and natural ice-cream. The President of the “Rud” Company – Mr. Petro Rud always stresses the point that the products quality is the mission no.1 for each producer. “All the best – to children!” – Such a principle of our work, which is followed by us in doing ours best in favor of you, dear consumers!