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The first Ice-Cream Festivals have been already held. The cities of Mukacheve, Uzhgorod and Chernivtsi have been attended Pustunchyk and his cheery team. During May 5-6th the said cities have been occupied by joy, positive, happiness, smiles and the favorite ice-cream by “Rud”TM.

Someone tried himself in marksmanship seeking to catch the ice-cream, the other played basketball, built the amazing constructions, drew, made different hairstyles, tattoos and aqua-based make-ups. All the participants’ efforts were rewarded by the original souvenir sets by “Rud”TM.

The voting for the best photo artwork signed as “I’m going to visit the Ice-Cream Festival” was organized ahead of the Ice-Cream Festivals within the social networks (VK, FB and Odnoklassniki). The winners were given the status of the Honorable Guest, personal awards and the box full of the ice-cream by “Rud”TM. In particular, the status of the Honorable Guest was given to: Mr. Andrii Rusanov, Mrs. Lidia Aksionova, Mr. Bogdan Boldyzhar, Mrs. Maryna Dzhygadlo, Mr. Vlad Prozorov and Mrs. Svitlana Stoliar . In the course of the festivals the said prizes were presented to the lucky winners by representatives of the “Rud” Company.

The fortune also has smiled on the participants registered in advance at the website Each of them had the chance to get the Certificate for attending of any amusement in the time of the Ice-cream Festival.

The festivals in the cities of Mukacheve, Uzhgorod and Chernivtsi have been over, but there are still a lot of sweet moments that anybody would like to remember. You can do this looking at the photos from the Ice-Cream Festival in your city. If you have been a participant of the Festival, find your photo and make the mark on it – take part in the competition: The Sweetest Moment. The main prize is the Digital Camera.

Stay with us! Follow the online news at the site and official groups of the “Rud” Company within the social networks. A lot of pleasant surprises, gifts, festivals and the real joy are waiting for you!

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