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Promotional event “Collect Codes – Order Gifts” has just come to the end. We have been very glad to see how you enjoy prizes. By the way, the latter were rather different: convenient, stylish, usable and entertaining. We hope that everyone has got exactly what he wanted! We are very grateful to all of you for devotedness to the “Rud” TM.

Unfortunately, all good must come to the end some day. So, our promotional event has already run down. Nevertheless, our devotees may be sure in numerous wonderful surprises waiting for them in the future.

However, this event, as well as an ice cream, has its pleasant aftertaste. Therefore, despite you can not register codes, you may or even shall use just collected ones. Hurry up and turn it into wonderful guaranteed gifts - you may do it until October 17. Attractable and alluring gifts, such as usable and nice looking bags, comfortable plaids, blazing bracelet like flash memory cards and toys are still waiting for you!

Don’t lose your chance to get prizes that will revive your spirit. Let they be the rewards for your activity and devotedness to “Rud” TM ice cream! Be sure in continuous offers of the sweet and cool delicacies.

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