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This year we offer our customers to enjoy ice cream with cranberries in paper cones 90 g in weight. We are going to discover the secret of having chosen this particular berry for the ice cream.

A cranberry is a unique berry popularly called "northern grapes" and " the berry of health." It is native to North America and its healing properties have been known since ancient times - it was considered to be a truly healing berry.

Cranberry is one of the most useful berries that can be found in our swamps. It's no secret that it cures many diseases and replenishes the stock of vitamins and nutrients. What else is necessary to be completely healthy?

Cranberry is truly "the storehouse of nature": it contains sugar (3.6% - mainly glucose and fructose), organic acids (citric, benzoic, quinine), triterpene compounds, pectins, tannins and nitrogen, as well as plenty of vitamins (C, K, PP, B1, B2), micro and macro elements (potassium, calcium, magnesium, iodine, iron, copper, silver, barium, lead, phosphorus, manganese), phytoncides and bioflavonoids. The usefulness of these elements cannot be overestimated, therefore this berry is considered to be one of the most valuable medical products. It is recommended to eat cranberries in autumn and winter in order to increase immunity to colds and seasonal infectious diseases, anemia and deficiency disease. Cranberry tones and refreshes you; it also improves mental and physical activity.

This berry is a good immunomodulator. So if you want to raise a genius, eat cranberry during pregnancy and include it into your child's diet.

So savour ice cream "Eskimos" with cranberries - enjoy the benefit!

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