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Ice Cream Holidays in Lutsk, Rivne, Mykolaiv and Kherson


RUD brings happiness to consumers. And consumers return even greater joy. After all, if to collect all pleasant comments that you have left on our company’s pages on the social networks, they will be enough for a thick novel book – this is a story about how adults and kids have fallen in love with the ice cream.

Especially this weekend users have left a plenty of favorable reviews. You ask why? Because another 4 Ukrainian cities such as Lutsk, Rivne, Mykolaiv and Kherson hosted Ice Cream Holiday. And everywhere we have tried to take care of as many ice cream fans as we can. That's why we have got so many favorable reviews.

Here are just few of them. Varshamova Anna wrote: “There was a really cool holiday in Mykolaiv. We will be waiting for you in the next year 2015”.

Olga Saliuk: “Thank you very much; Lutsk saw a very cool and awesome holiday today, we are looking forward to your coming next year. We love you. :)”

Varyuska Pustynska “The day in Rivne was just awesome! Everything was cool. Thank you very much and I am waiting for you in Rivne next year. :)))”

We are also looking forward to the next summer when we can get back into the cities, flying ourselves into communication and new acquaintances, fun and entertainment. However, we can extend the sweet moments now by looking through the photos of Ice Cream Holiday in How It Was section.

Those who get caught in the lens of our photographer’s camera, or made their own photos can share them and participate in the Sweetest Moment competition. Get a chance to compete for a great prize - a digital camera, or get a recognition prize - a magnetic photo frame.

Summer is in its full height and RUD team continues to travel around the cities of Ukraine. Chernivtsi,Shepetovka and Starokostiantyniv are ahead. Citizens of those cities vote to decide on the winner of Honored Guest title. It is rather interesting who will be the winner, isn’t it? Follow the pages of RUD Company on social networks and remember: RUD brings happiness!