Every third Ukrainian chooses RUD ice cream. No matter if you are in another country - Poland, Germany or Greece - you can still find the same familiar brand, the same taste, the same best Ukrainian ice cream in your fridge!

RUD is the No. 1 producer and exporter of Ukrainian ice cream. Our cold delicacy is born in Ukraine but travels to different parts of the world. 

We don't just share the best - we are proud of the fact that Ukrainian products are becoming a symbol of high quality all over the world!

The No. 1 ice cream in Ukraine

For more than 15 years, Zhytomyr Butter Plant Joint Stock Company, RUD Company, has been the leader of the Ukrainian ice cream market. In particular, this is confirmed by the Association of Ukrainian Manufacturers "Ice Cream and Frozen Products "*. Leadership means having the most advanced technologies, the highest sale volumes, the highest efficiency and, obviously, the most loyal supporters that we work for. 

The No. 1 Ukrainian ice cream in the world

All the leading Ukrainian ice cream producers distribute their products both within Ukraine and abroad. Most of them supply ice cream to several countries, and none of them has such a wide geography of supply as RUD. 

Zhytomyr Butter Plant JSC, RUD Company, is not only the market leading producer in Ukraine, but also the largest ice cream exporter.

Hospitable Poland, picturesque Spain, emerald Ireland and numerous other near and far countries know the brand, which is spelt differently but pronounced the same way as in Ukraine - RUD.

The Company's share significantly differs from other exporters of cold desserts and amounts to 61% of total exports**.

Places where people enjoy RUD 

Nowadays, RUD Company exports its ice cream to 35 countries of the world! 

Our access to the European market provided us with new opportunities for enterprise development and a special incentive for modernisation. The first EU countries to export ice cream were the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Lithuania.

Interesting things. Eskimos plombir by RUD has even reached the South Pole! Within the framework of the campaign "Ukrainian Sun to Antarctica", RUD supplied ice cream to the Ukrainian Akademik Vernadsky station.

Does RUD ice cream have the same quality in Ukraine and abroad? 

Both in Ukraine and in the world, RUD ice cream sounds and tastes identical. We use fresh milk from our farms and own-made cream, as well as the other best ingredients from around the world.

On the other hand, we analyse markets and consumer demands. Based on this data, we create new products for the Ukrainian and foreign markets. And for the most part, ice cream differs only in its packaging.

Patriotic ice cream for abroad

To thank all who support Ukrainians in the face of Russian aggression, RUD Company has launched the ice cream From Ukraine with Love. The words "Thank you" are printed on its packaging in many languages.

Secrets of our success

Why does RUD ice cream remain of the same quality from one batch to another for Ukrainians and the whole world?

The best innovative equipment, experience and loyalty to traditions, a careful approach to product development and focus on the quality of raw materials are the formula ensuring our long-term success in the national and international markets. 

Each batch of products is tested for microbiological analysis by our modern factory laboratory. It is also responsible for regular monitoring of sanitary conditions in the production process.

In addition, we put a lot of emphasis on the product range. Its originality and constant renewal is what we work on every season.  

RUD Company is open to trends: We continuously ensure that our products meet the current market trends, combining advanced technologies and traditions.  

Interesting things. We have developed and launched 20 new ice cream products for the 2023 season!

Compliance with international standards

Exporting is a complex area of business: to be successful abroad, a business must be competitive. 

The competitiveness of RUD is primarily ensured by the consistently high quality of its products meeting international standards. In addition, we consider the balance of economic interests and environmental approach.

What certificates guarantee the quality and safety of RUD ice cream? 

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems. Ensures that the company can manufacture products at the stable quality level while constantly improving it.
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems. Aimed at minimising the adverse environmental impact of the production activities of the enterprise.  
  • ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System. Enables identification of all potentially hazardous factors in a food product and prevention of their occurrence. Today, it is the most advanced management method that ensures safe food production.
  • Organic Standard. Since 2015, Zhytomyr Butter Plant JSC has annually confirmed its compliance with the auditors' requirements of Organic Standard, which is on the official list of certification bodies recognised in the European Union and Switzerland
  • BRC and IFS. Assess the enterprise's ability to manufacture and supply consistently safe products.
  • HALAL. The halal term confirms compliance with Islamic norms. Halal products do not contain components that are prohibited for consumption by Muslims, and is a high quality, environmentally friendly product without harmful preservatives and additives.

Taking part in international exhibitions

Participation in various international exhibitions is one of the most efficient tools for finding interested customers in the foreign market. RUD is an active participant in such events, successfully presenting Ukrainian products annually.

Despite all the circumstances, in 2022, RUD Company took part in the Gulfood exhibition in Dubai, the largest exhibition event in the Middle East, and PLMA "World of Private Label" in Amsterdam. 

We plan to further expand the geography of exports, and therefore, in 2023, we will definitely represent Ukrainian ice cream at major international events!

Exporting in wartime

Today, our performance remains the same. We continue to make delicious, high-quality ice cream, maintaining the largest share of the Ukrainian market and increasing exports.

In the absence of electricity and water, in times of closed seaports and no air traffic, we have done a lot to remain No. 1 for our consumers even in these conditions.  

In today's realities, the world has grown increasingly interested in everything Ukrainian, including Ukrainian products. We got requests from new partners and opened new markets. So, despite the war and due to our efforts, we keep strengthening our position and expanding our export geography! 

* According to the letter from the Association of Ukrainian Manufacturers "Ice Cream and Frozen Products" No. 130/04-23 dated 14.04.2023.  

** Based on the research of the AR-group analytical company.

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