The mission of a leader is to illustrate a strong example of the environmentally responsible approach


The Rud ice cream brand was the first in Ukraine to launch ice cream products having used a proven amount of Green Energy in the production. It means that a part of the energy consumed for production purposes is renewable, which consequently provides for reducing consumption of the non-environmentally friendly energy sources that have an adverse effect upon the environmental ecology.

The first verification inspection of JSC Zhytomyr Butter Plant took part under the authority and with the involvement of Green Cert Ukraine LLC together with TÜV Thüringen Ukraine, which confirmed the percentage of the renewable energy of 5.6 % of the total energy used for the Rud ice cream production.

“Eskimos” Ice Cream (Rud TM) with the “Green Cert Ukraine” label will appear in stores in the nearest future. This means that the ice cream buyers will be able not only to enjoy their favorite taste and pleasure but choose a product that cares about the environmentally sound future. The Rud Company, in turn, will continue to increase the Green Energy share in its production and will further promote the responsible electric power consumption philosophy.

Therefore, the Rud ice cream brand calls any and all branch manufacturers to join this initiative and be actively involved in taking care of our environment together. We believe that such an approach will be positively appreciated by both today`s buyers and many more of their next generations.

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