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‘Ararat’ Cone

Majestic and awesome cream blend enhanced by chocolate pieces and caramel & nut preparation. And all above is in crispy chocolate dipped cone!  

‘100% Ice Cream’ Cone

The classics in a new light! It is your favorite chocolate dipped ice cream in crispy wafer cone. 

‘The Little Golden Key’ Eskimo Ice Cream

A present for real caramel lovers – ‘The Little Golden Key’ in the nature of Eskimo ice cream. You will take up with its delicate icing flavor immediately after you taste it for the first time!

'The Coconut’ Eskimo Ice Cream

Here it is! The real taste of the tropical paradise – a delicate chocolate dipped coconut ice cream. It is a sophisticated refreshing blend that is best suited for the hot day!

‘The Melon & Lime’ - Sapful Syrup Dipped Eskimo Ice Cream

A concentrated summer essence – slightly sour and nice taste of lime, pieces of melon and creamy ice. Sapful freshness and blessed chill – that are the components of a recipe of happy summer instant!

‘The Blissout’ Fruit Ice

Live it up, have a garish fun and taste exotica!  A Blue Curacao mocktail drink, sappy southern melon and Babble Gum – that is the real Blissout, isn’t it?

‘Prikol’ (aka ‘Wahey!’) Ice Cream in Waffle Cup

This ice cream is a peak of the bunch for kids – it is merry, optimistic and colorful! Enjoy the summer and taste the Babble Gum cocktail!

‘Chornisimmo’ Ice Cream Sandwich

If you are a devotee of wild berries combined with the creamy flavor of dairy cream, then shift yourself and taste ‘Chornisiommo’!. Fresh bilberries, delicate ice cream and waffle….fancy that!

Chocolate Covered "Eskimos" with Wafer Crumbs

Do you need something special? So, what about the most delectable plombir ice cream covered with chocolate and filled with a peculiar preparation – crispy wafer crumbs? Oh, yum-yum!

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