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The unique ice cream "Sugar Free" from "Rud" TM. Ice cream for the benefit of all!


"Rud" company — the leader in the production of high quality ice cream – offers you to do justice to a novelty — ice cream in a waffle cup "Sugar Free" 3.0% fat. This unique ice cream consists salutary fructose instead of sugar. It keeps (unlike sugar) reserves of iron and zinc in the body; in addition, fructose is less allergenic than regular sugar, so it is introduced into the diet of children, diabetics and allergy sufferers.

Refreshing ice cream "Sugar Free" is especially nice to enjoy on a hot summer day. A portion of ice cream with fructose by "Rud" tm weighs 65 grams, and contains only 100 calories. One packingof this yummy is allowedfor daily use even for people suffering from diabetes. Today many people, who are concerned about their health, move from sugar to fructose, in order to reduce caloric capacity of products and replace sugar in their diet that is easily digestible. The so-called "diet foods" or "sweets for diabetics" are suitable in this case. You should not be afraid of the term "for diabetics", because the phrase "diabetic" or "diet" product means only that sweetener (fructose, sorbitol, stevia) is usedin its structure instead of sugar. Fructose is sugar contained in fruit; it is called "slow sugar." Fructose is absorbed by cells without requiring the insulin hormone and without causing (like sugar) hormonal surges, which is essential for proper body function.

It should be noted that our body assimilates ice cream as a product easily, and the enzymes that are part of it, have a positive effect on metabolism. Ice cream made from natural products, cream and milk is the tastiest and the most useful. Such a product provides benefit, perfectly soothes nerves, and relieves mental stress;it also helps with insomnia.

Interesting facts about ice cream! Ice cream, in its composition, contains useful amino acid — tryptophan. This acid is involved in producing the hormone of happiness — serotonin. Nutritionists advise to use ice cream for exhaustion, anemia. Even doctors who treat angina, recommend eating it regularly. It helps develop immunity; our throat gradually becomes accustomed to low temperatures. Healthy people can eat ice cream at least every day, but, of course, you should take into account all calories consumed during the day.

Enjoy with benefits!