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The season of incredible novelties by “Rud” TM continues! The gluttons of the “sweet cold” will receive more positive emotions by tasting the new ice cream by “Rud” TM. Not only the continuous renewal of the ice cream assortment but also the production of brand new types of ice cream that have no equivalent in Ukraine takes place. Please welcome the novelties:

“Lapland” Eskimo

Delicious vanilla ice cream covered with chocolate with caramelized almond! This is the unique dessert worthy of special attention. Indeed, the tastiness of this ice cream would not disgrace the best world equivalents! Taste it and love it!

“Peach & Mango” Eskimo

Creamy ice cream with the slices of sweet-scented peach covered with mango juice glaze is the delicious tropical dessert that will be enjoyed by the fans of the “Sweet cold”.

“Mango Frozen Yoghurt” Eskimo

Taste the unique combination of a frozen yoghurt and mango juice. The unusual taste of the frozen yoghurt enriched by the taste of the tropical fruit is offered as the Eskimo ice cream. The best dessert for the hot summer day!

“Tortufo” Ice Cream

The ice cream has got not only the new packing but also the enhanced taste. The real Italian dessert in the form of a sandwich with the taste of zabaione and hazel-nut.

“Smiley” Ice Cream

The bricket “Smiley”. Ice cream on the cookies! The taste of the Italian dessert “Zabaione” with sweet raisins soaked in the real rum.

“Frozen Yoghurt” with raspberry Ice Cream Cone

Frozen yoghurt with the sweet-scented raspberry jam in the crispy waffle cone. Tasty and healthy! Just imagine – the frozen living yoghurt cultures have the health-improving impact for the human organism. This is completed by the pleasure you feel while enjoying the product!

“LEOpard” Ice Cream Cone

The most delicious combination of creamy ice cream and crispy pieces of chocolate! The chocolate cap with the pieces of chocolate accomplishes the composition. This is the real intrigue for the fans of ice cream in sweet waffle cones.

So, taste and enjoy!

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