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Product for Health and Beauty – “Ferment (aka Zakvaska), fat content 3.2%” from the “Rud”TM


Due to the advanced nutritious properties and palatability,  the milk and dairy products  are considered to be one of the most popular and favorite foodstuffs in many countries and in particular, in Ukraine. Having been released of the physical loads because of the modern technical progress, the people were affected by hypodynamia, i.e. lack of motion. The above gradually affects the metabolism and results in disorder of the cardiovascular system function, thus provoking the further possible diseases: diabetes, obesity, etc. However, understanding of the need in healthy life style is imposed by the time. Changing the ration for low-calorie dairy products is considered to be one of the main conditions for maintenance of the slim body figure and the health in whole.

Cultured milk beverage “Ferment (aka Zakvaska), fat content 3.2%” from the “Rud”TM is the cultured milk product with high content of the biologically active cultured microorganisms. Content of such microorganisms in the said beverage is significantly higher than in kefir. Unlike kefir, the taste of the said product is rather delicate and not poignant. There are no any restrictions as to drinking it. Acting with high efficiency the ferment (aka Zakvaska) 3.2% from the “Rud” TM assists in normalization of the gut organisms’ functions, elimination of bacteriosis, betterment of appetite, prevention of the adverse effects induced by antibiotics, reduction of the cholesterol level in blood, improvement of the immune system and vitality of the organism in general.

This ferment is an ideal solution to be used as separate product in the time of breakfast, or as a snack or light dinner.

Taste it for you benefit!

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