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Petro Rud has become ‘The Honorary Citizen of Zhytomyr’


The team of distinguished residents of Zhytomyr city being awarded with the highest possible title – ‘The Honorary Citizen of Zhytomyr’ has been enlarged by a new pride: during the regular 17 session of Zhytomyr Municipal Council all votes of deputies were unanimously given for awarding of Chairman of the Board of ‘Zhytomyr Butter Plant’, PJSC – Mr. Petro V. Rud with the said high title.

Mr. Petro V. Rud is widely known personality in the city of Zhytomyr. The above is confirmed not only by outstanding awards of the products produced by the company managed by him, but also by numerous sociological surveys being held by well-known scientific sociologists on the eve of elections to the Parliament. Therefore, the resolution about giving of the title - ‘The Honorary Citizen of Zhytomyr’ to Mr. Petro V. Rud was promptly and unanimously made during session of Zhytomyr Municipal Council. Mr. Petro V. Rud is known to all deputies and the most part of Zhytomyr residents as gifted manager, heedful and noble man, whose surname has become one of the symbols of Zhytomyr city. Everybody knows about his benign and glorious activities and therefore, the decision on giving the award to Mr. Petro V. Rud was accompanied with applause not only of deputies of municipal council, but also of every resident of Zhytomyr city being present in the session hall.

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