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Ice cream specialities: fireworks of flavours!


Every year, Rud amazes its consumers with bright new ice cream products that, along with their favourites, rapidly become popular with fans of “sweet ice”. This season, we have again prepared for you lots of tasty ice cream specialities that will surely win the hearts of all foodies, young and old. Let us introduce each of them to you!

Redesigned Rainbow ice cream

Rainbow waffle cone ice cream proved to be a real best-seller last year. That is why three more kinds of ice-cream were added to the line this season.

  • Rainbow ice-cream with a bubble gum flavour offered by weight.
  • Brightly-designed Rainbow cone with a bubble gum flavour and dragon fruit filling.
  • Rainbow ice cream stick combining the bubble gum flavour and delicate banana sorbet.

These vivid flavours are created to give you the brightest emotions!

Tiramisu cone

Exquisite Tiramisu dessert embodied in ice cream! Tender chocolate coated and coffee flavoured ice cream with caramel sauce and coffee crumbs.

Hype ice

It is a blast! Unique blue ice cream with a delicate refreshing flavour. The highlight of this ice cream is in its middle: a juicy orange filling with explosive caramel!

«Frozen Yoghurt» with strawberries in a paper cup

A favourite in a new pack. While you are enjoying the taste of summer berries and cream, live active cultures of the frozen yoghurt are revitalising your body.

Eskimos-Organic ice cream in a paper cup

The most delicious filling in a new convenient pack. The plombiere fans will definitely enjoy the highest quality ice cream made of selected organic ingredients.

Pustunchyk ice cream in a new pack.

Pustunchyk ice cream with condensed milk and Pustunchyk ice cream with cherry jam have also been redesigned. Note the changes in the children’s favourite waffle cup ice cream!

Cac-Tusim? ice-cream series

Cac-Tusim? is the third product in our special ice cream line for the young people featured on our Instagram platform @ice.generation

The combination of lemon ice cream and strawberry sorbet is a blast of refreshing flavour and bright colour! And that’s not all! It also has a fantastic shocking green cactus flavoured coating and sweet raspberry pieces. You will never forget the taste!

Ice Doctor ice cream in a waffle cup

Delicate sea buckthorn ice cream is tasty and healthy at the same time. Sea buckthorn is a rich source of essential amino acids and vitamins.

Eskimos briquette sandwich ice cream

Try your favourite filling with a new design! A serving consists of two halves of ice cream. One half is coated with delicate chocolate and nuts, while the other is placed between two delicious crackers.

Caramel Plombiere Ice Cream with Berry Sorbet stick

Try caramel filling combined with fragrant red currant berry sorbet. The chocolate coating is a perfect addition to the exquisite dessert.

Custard ice cream

Incredible deliciousness: custard cream with exquisite vanilla ice cream in a new convenient pack. The embodiment of confectionery in a cold dessert covered with a soft dough coating.

Flax-Maple ice cream stick

Delicate ice cream with a sweet maple syrup filling and gentle caramel flavour, enclosed in a white coating sprinkled with roasted flax seeds. By the way, flax seeds are great antioxidants that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Strawberry-Kiwi ice cream stick

Succulent ice cream with pieces of tropical kiwis in a strawberry juice coating. This refreshing super summer mix will blow your mind with its unforgettable flavour!


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