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Number One Ice Cream Party cheered the kids up in the educational-rehabilitation center


On the 2nd of October “Rud” company organized “The Number One Ice Cream Party” in Denishi educational-rehabilitation center, Zhytomyr region. The Number One Ice Cream producer in Ukraine cares for the healthy and happy future of small Ukrainians, it pays special attention to the socially disadvantaged and the orphaned children. That’s why this time the organizers of the Ice Cream Party visited the Denishi pre-school orphanage.

A few of words is not enough to describe the Ice Cream Party. It covers some friendly socializing, kids’ laughing, and a space for the wishes and dreams coming true. The Ice Cream Party is a bright performance that has already attained its traditions, culture and funs.

Petro Rud, the President of the Public JSC “Zhytomyr butter plant” – “Rud” company, stated:

Corporate social responsibility is the working principle of “Rud” company. We pay special attention to the support program for the orphaned children. The thing is, the ice cream as the company’s product always brings the “happy childhood” in mind. So we are obliged to help creating the happy childhood in the institutions where the kids are brought up, as these kids lack their happy destiny. That’s why today we conduct the Ice Cream Party in Denishi educational-rehabilitation center. We hope kids remember this day long, the day full of joy, entertainment and, naturally, the ice cream».

The Ice Cream Party started 00:30 p.m. and lasted for the whole 4 hours! The party location has been transformed into a small country of “Rud” for this period. The organizers prepared lots of interesting things: an original aqua face painting and an instant tattoo; fashionable hairdos and the children’s crafts space; the merry karaoke; the kids’ trampoline; various lotteries, games, entertainments offered by the host, the joyful clowns, the elephant Pustunchik and the cow Manyasha; and, ultimately, lots of “Rud” ice cream!

Each small guest of the party received the gift and enjoyed the tasty ice cream.

The “Rud” company and Rud Petro Volodymyrovich, the Company’s President, personally, are participating in the different charity events. According to the Manager, “it is important to show some positive example for the others to follow, because the charity is the act of great soul purity”.

A great part of the targeted assistance of “Rud” company is provided in the form of the financial transfers, still, the contributions of the products and services make a substantial part of the charity assistance. The consumers of “Rud” TM ice cream have already acquainted to the “charity” mark on each “100% Ice Cream” pack. Ten kopecks of each pack value are allocated to assist the children care institutions.

Here are the institutions in Zhytomyr region that have the company’s support on a permanent basis: Zhytomyr Municipal Unity of the Disabled Children, the International Charity Foundation “Chornobyl Children” in Zhytomyr city, Zhytomyr Regional Orphanage for the orphaned children and the children who are deprived of parental care, Zhytomyr Regional Children Hospital, Zhytomyr Regional Charity Foundation “Warm up a kid with your love”, Zhytomyr Comprehensive Board School for the deaf children.

In addition, the company is active to implement the social projects in the other regions of Ukraine aimed at the budget institutions support (i.e. the hospitals, schools, board schools, and kids’ playgrounds), the pensioners and the disabled persons.

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