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The Company of "Rud" is the first in Ukraine to offer the innovative product that is the Frozen Yogurt! This is a dairy product, the taste of which has much in common with and similar to the usual ice cream. Due to delicate taste of fermented milk and high content of the nutritive yogurt cultures it has long beforehand become popular in Europe, America and Asia.

Just due to the yogurt cultures contained in a new product, it has brisk fermented milk like taste

The brisk fermented milk like taste of a new product is provided just to the yogurt cultures contained therein. The frozen condition of the product provides for significantly higher concentration of the said microorganisms, thus making yogurt consumption more efficient. Moreover, the Frozen Yogurt is an outstanding source of calcium, the daily rate of which may be covered by 20-30% through consumption of one item only. The Frozen Yogurt and the Frozen Yogurt with Wild Berries are the unique refresher desserts produced under technology being virtually the same with the high fat ice cream (however, they contain the yogurt cultures like Streptococcus salivarius subsp. Thermophilus, Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. Bulgaricus). The said prebiotics are known to be frozen living microorganisms that would have been 'waking up' and acting as comprehensive health improvers upon penetration into human organism.

And one more important issue – a new dessert is as wholesome as extremely tasty.

Take advantage of tasting the Frozen Yogurt by "Rud" TM and be convinced of the above!

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