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«Cac-Tusim?»: a 2020 shocking new ice-cream


In 2018, we announced the trend for total Black Ice — a stylish coca-cola flavoured ice cream cone.

In 2019, we made a cosmic revolution: claiming that purpleis the new black, we released Fioletovo ice cream cone with guarana.

What else should we expect after that? Only something even bolder, cooler and more colourful!

Green Cac-Tusim? is a 2020 shocking new ice cream, which is a sequel to our original line of ice cream for the young people.

Cac-Tusim? offers totally new flavours and a blast of emotions. This ice cream is made for parties, adding more fun and colour each time!

Cac-Tusim? ice cream makes any party a blast. Because any party with you and our ice cream can never be dull. 

Cac-Tusim? will please everyone, as we have launched a new ice cream in three options. Each one has its own highlight, but they taste equally unbelievable!

Cac-Tusim? cone, 70 g

Refreshing lemon ice cream and delicious strawberry sorbet are the basic ingredients of the entire Cac-Tusim? line. But don’t you think that’s all there is to it. We made these flavours unique by adding a crispy cactus flavoured coating, raspberry pieces and a green sugar cone. Taste it and marvel at how it is even possible to be so cool! ;)

Cac-Tusim? ice cream stick, 80 g

Taste this ice cream stick and find out its most impressive feature. Is it fruit-berry delight of lemon ice-cream and strawberry sorbet or green coating with cactus flavour and sweet raspberry pieces? Enjoy!

Cac-Tusim? bucket ice cream, 500 g

Same as partying, when you’re are enjoying something, you always want more! So we decided to make small servings of Cac-Tusim? ice cream bigger and make one big serving of delight made of lemon ice-cream, strawberry sorbet, cactus flavoured coating and pieces of delicious raspberries!

Choose your favourite Cac-Tusim? ice cream option and party wherever and however you want. Party in your own style!

Where does Cac-Tusim? hang out?
At @ice.generation!

Just like our previous ice-cream products from the line for the young people, Cac-Tusim? offers a lot of friendly communication on @ice.generation. Cac-Tusim is a highlight of our Instagram community: straightforward, not pretentious, a bit ironic.

Here we remember some funny life moments and share ideas on how to have fun. It is also a home to this mysterious CacTusim meme character as well as funny contests with prizes that motivate you to hang out. Join us!

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