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“Rud” TM Ice Cream with Profit to Everybody – “Sugar-Free Ice Cream”


The ice cream is known to be quite easily digested by organism, while ferments being the components thereof have a positive effect over the metabolic function. The most tasty and wholesome ice cream is made of natural products, cream and milk. It is just the product that does well, perfectly eases the nerves, releases the mental strain and provides for prevention of the sleeplessness.

One of the ice cream components is a wholesome amino acid – tryptophan. The said acid is involved into the process of generation of the hormone of happiness – serotonin. It is recommended by nutritionists to eat the ice cream when anybody suffers from exhaustion or anemia. It is even recommended by physicians in charge of medical treatment for quinsy to eat the ice cream on regular basis. Such a method is rather helpful for immunity improvement as the throat gradually adapts for lower temperatures.

Healthy people can eat the ice cream practically every day, however in such case it shall be necessary to take into account all calories consumed per day. In order to reduce the caloricity of foodstuffs and avoid consumption of the sugar that is easily digested by organism, those people who take care of their health, to the date strive for replacement of sugar by fructose. The so called ‘Dietary products’ or ‘Sweets for diabetics’ are the best option for the above. There is no need to be frightened of the term ‘For diabetics’, as the phrase ‘Diabetic’ or ‘Dietary’ product means only that instead of the sugar, such product contains the sweetener, i.e. fructose, sorbitol, stevia, etc. Fructose is some kind of sugar contained in fruits or honey. It is also called as ‘slow effect sugar’. Fructose is digested by cells without any need for insulin hormone, thus not provoking the hormonal burst (as distinct from sugar) that is of great importance for the proper functioning of the organism.

The ice cream containing a fructose has the same consistency and taste as the ice cream made with sugar. Being a leader among producers of the high quality ice cream, the Company of “Rud” hereby proposes to appreciate a newcomer – the ice cream in waffle cup “Sugar-Free Ice Cream”. The said ice cream is sugar-free and is made only with fructose that (as opposed to sugar) provides for preservation of iron and zinc in the organism; moreover, fructose is less allergenic than standard sugar and therefore, it is included into ration for kids, diabetics and allergy sufferers. It is very nice to enjoy the refreshing ice cream “Sugar-Free Ice Cream”, in particular on hot summer day. The portion of fructose-based ice cream from “Rud” TM has weight of 65 g and nutritive value of 100 kcal only. Even those who suffer from insular diabetes can take the liberty of tasting one portion of this dainty item daily.

Enjoy with profit!

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