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The healthy life style is being actively popularized to the date. There is a lot of ever-present advertising information about the wholesome foods and importance of it consumption. Almost all ladies (and not only ladies) are concerned about neat appearance and health. And of course, it is quite natural as all of us feel like being clean-cut and eyesome, and at the same time striving for maintenance of strong health.

Hereby, the Company of “Rud” offers a newcomer – “Fermented Milk Drink with Bifidus Bacteria”. Let us try to understand whether bifidus complex based foodstuffs are of vital importance. ‘Bios’ is translated as ‘life’: therefore it is possible to assume that the bifidus bacteria are the bacteria necessary for life. The bifidus bacteria are present in organism of every man, however its number is being continuously decreased with advancing age, thus affecting condition of organism and vital functions. Therefore, the reserve of bifidus bacteria in organism shall be replenished. The products containing bifidus complex are considered to be the source of wholesome bacteria replenishment.

Medical experts and scientists have come to a conclusion that the said wholesome bacteria really provide for the widest range of advantages:

  • The bifidus bacteria are known for weakening of the allergic reaction in organism.
  • They provide for strengthening of organism in whole.
  • Products with bifidus bacteria support the process of generation of ferments required by organism; contain B complex vitamins and folic acid.
  • Regular and frequent consumption of food with the said wholesome bacteria provides for recovery of the intestinal microflora and minimizing of the disbacteriosis risk.
  • The bifidus bacteria can lower the level of cholesterol in blood and reduce the risk of malignant gangliac tumors development.
  • One more important advantage of the bifidus bacteria (in particular interesting for women) is that the regular consumption of such bacteria results in elimination of excess weight.
  • Systematic use of products with the bifidus bacteria provides for improvement of the proteins digestibility in organism. Moreover, it stands for perfection of the gastrointestinal tract and recovery of the cardiovascular system functions.
  • Your liver and kidneys functions will be improved should you consume the products with bifidus complex.

In case if because of certain diseases, you are advised of medical treatment requiring use of antibiotics, you should remember that such antibiotics are the killers of all wholesome intestinal bacteria, while the bifidus bacteria based products provide for minimizing of the negative impact of such antibiotics.

"Rud" TM "Fermented Milk Drink with Bifidus Bacteria" is a low-calorie product with nutritive value of 55 kcal/100g. This beverage contains various minerals and calcium that are of great importance for our organism. The bifidus bacteria are considered to be very healthful.

Therefore, if you want to be healthy, then use "Rud" TM "Fermented Milk Drink with Bifidus Bacteria" every day!

To your pleasure and good health!

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