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Please, be invited to attend the children’s playground opening ceremony


The modern children’s playground will be opened at 11:00 a.m. on June 20th (Poliova Square 5, Zhytomyr). This is the gift by the “Rud” Company to all residents of Zhytomyr city.

The new children’s playground is an example of the strategy implemented by the socially responsible company. The “Rud” Company takes an active part in development of the social infrastructure and in numerous charitable projects, and as well it is in charge of social campaigns for children and adults.

The Ice-cream Parties have been held all over Ukraine within last 7 years on end. More than 50 such parties shall be held just this year. The Ice-cream Parties are being held in order to popularize the ice-cream as product, family values and common family leisure traditions. Specialists of the Company have worked out the numerous activities and provided the souvenir fund especially for children, thus assisting in their development and interesting, rich in content leisure.

Just for the purpose of the rich in content leisure, Mr. Petro Rud acting on behalf of the “Rud” Company made a decision to present the children’s mini-park to the city of Zhytomyr. The latter is designed upon the up-to-date technologies and therefore, it provides for several recreation zones available within its territory suitable for different age groups of children. In order to provide the safety of kids, the high slides are installed on the special soft surface. While the kids are having fun in the park, their parents can take a rest by sitting on the convenient benches shaded by the trees; as the designers have taken care of the greenery preservation within the park area.

It shall be noticed that the “Rud” Company takes an active part in numerous charitable events, in particular: healthcare institutions financial condition improvement, implementation of the charitable projects in the field of spiritual life, culture, education and sport.

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