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The sweetest event of the year, the holiday of kids’ laughing and excitement, of a tasty ice cream and merry entertainments has thundered away in Zhytomyr, the Ice Cream Motherland. The Ice Cream Party has overcome thousands of kilometers, found millions of friends and allies, and finally it has come to merry up Zhytomyr citizens too.

In the framework of the City Day, on the 8th of September “Rud” company offered both kids and adults to have a great fun. They could sing karaoke, glam up the hair with a new hairdo, or buy some souvenirs in the “Rud” shop. Also, the citizens would have a gift if registered in the foursquare social network near the Ice Cream Monument. Really, the ice cream and the suit-to-every-taste entertainments made this day unforgettable! Traditionally, three most active users of “Rud” company social networking communities were defined; each of them received a box with a tasty ice cream and a memorable award.

This was the Party of the painted kids’ faces, the fancily braided hair and, naturally, a tasty “Rud” ice cream in the hand. This Party’s face has kids’ traits, this Party sound is a jingly and sincere laughing, and, surely, this Party has all flavors of the ice cream cool delight.

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