‘A Monument to Ice Cream’ that has been just registered in Ukraine’s Records Book was unveiled in Zhytomyr by the Company of “Rud” on April 17th.

Historical background for the Monument creation was laid some years ago by the initiative of the city residents. Being the leader among Ukrainian ice cream producers, the Company of “Rud” endorsed the idea of its creation and in spring of 2011 announced the competition for the best draft design. Upon results of voting and pursuant to the decision made by the competition organizers, the best 30 designs from over half thousand competitive works were selected for the final. The winner was Artem Mykytenko, whose design was used for construction of the Monument. The selected design was made a reality by Zhytomyr Stanislav Krynytskyi. 

Petro Rud, a President of the Company of “Rud”:
“Today we are going to unveil ‘A Monument to Ice Cream’. This is the present by the Company of “Rud” to our home city. There are different Ukrainian cities that have own monuments to foods being the distinctive attribute of the certain region, in particular ‘A Monument to Dumpling’ in Poltava or ‘A Monument to Nizhyn Cucumber’ in Nizhyn. As regards Zhytomyr – it is considered to be the Homeland of the Ukrainian outstanding ice cream producer - the Company of “Rud”. Therefore, our home city can with every reason be considered as the official capital of ice cream in Ukraine”.

The monumental sculpture ‘A Monument to Ice Cream’ is made of four types of granite (Pokostovkyi, Lyznykivskyi, Tokivskyi and Rogivskyi ones) and is 3.30 m high. The total weight of the sculpture is 14 tons. The monument is installed on the pedestal having accurate geometric form and bottom diameter of 1.0 m whereto is attached chiselled solid bowl with 2.5 m diameter and 0.5 m thickness accommodating four balls having 1.0 m diameter (each). The monument adjacent area is provided with the granite-made flooring in form of the “Rud” Company logo surrounded by benches and flowerbeds, thus enabling city residents and guests to have comfortable pastime.

Stanislav Krynytskyi, a mason carver:
“When creating the Monument, it was very difficult to find out the solid granite boulder of required size, i.e. 2.5 x 2.5 m, to be used for making of the bowl. In order to find such a base we were to travel practically allover Ukraine. Just upon eight months of search the required boulder has been found and extracted at Tokivskyi quarry of Kryvyi Rig deposit”.

The chiselled balls are the symbols of different ice cream kinds:

1. Ball made of pink granite extracted at Lyznykivskyi quarry represents the strawberry ice cream.

2. Ball made of Tokivskyi granite stands for representation of the ‘Milky Chocolate’ ice cream.

3. Ball made of Rogivskyi granite has the greenish tint and therefore, represents the ‘Pistachio’ ice cream.

4. Ball made of white granite with dark inclusions represents ‘Plombir with Chocolate Drops’.

‘A Monument to Ice Cream’ has been registered in Ukraine’s Records Book. In the time of ceremonial unveiling of the Monument a President of the Company of “Rud” and the city Mayor were awarded with diplomas for setting up the record given to them by Igor Pidchybii, ‘Ukraine’s Records Book’ Project Manager.

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