«“Khutorok”» Products
Dairy butter, 100 g


Butter “Khutorok” 73% is considered to be the product intended for average consumer. It is being produced from high-quality raw material by application of conventional technologies: by continuous whipping and transformation of cream with high concentration of fat. For the purpose of butter “Khutorok” production the raw materials of the first and second grade are being used. High-quality cream is to be subjected to high-temperature (thermal) processing in order to provide the preservation of high-quality factors during shelf-life of the product. Packaging of the butter is being carried out with implementation of packing material approved and permitted by Ministry of Health of Ukraine; and provides the preservation of product’s quality during all shelf-life of thereof. Butter “Khutorok” 73%, 100 g is being packed by application of economic format especially for consumers with low demand in butter.


Total protein
0.8 g
Total fat
73.0 g
Total carbohydrate
1.3 g
Energy value / Calories
2782 kJ (665 kcal)

Packing structure

Weight (g)100
Quantity (pcs.)40
Company "Rud"
Dairy butter

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