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«Black Ice» Ice Cream
Ice Cream cone, 150 g

Black Ice

Black Ice is a popular dessert in the most unusual of colours—an utterly black ice cream with Cola flavour and chocolate overtones, a black crunchy sugary cone, and a stylish black wrapper. No doubt, you will be thoroughly delighted with it—it’s the ice cream straight from the future.

Follow the black here: @ice.generation.


Total protein
2,8 g
Total fat
9,0 g
Total carbohydrate
25,7 g
Energy value / Calories
815,9 kJ (190,0 kcal)

Packing structure

Weight (g)150
Quantity (pcs.)16
Natural dye

To make Black Ice actually black, we used a colouring agent of natural origin— vegetable charcoal. It is safe and has no taste or smell and therefore does not affect the quality of the product.

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