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«Impreza Bianco» Ice Cream
Ice Cream cone, 100 g

Impreza Bianco

The ingredients and taste of this ice cream are luxury incarnate. Exquisite Bianco ice cream and delicate airy Italian cream (fior di latte) are covered with a thin coat of crunchy white Belgian chocolate Barry Callebaut. Succumb once, and its temptation will never let you go…


Total protein
4,2 g
Total fat
19,0 g
Total carbohydrate
28,2 g
Energy value / Calories
1257,7 kJ (300,6kcal)

Packing structure

Barcode 4823097800652
Weight (g) 100
Quantity (pcs.) 16
Big Drum Technology

Impreza Bianco ice cream is created using a special technology with the equipment unique for Ukraine — a Big Drum. It takes three flavours of the dessert spirally twists them, creating a unique composition of multiple tastes.

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