Heads up, residents of Khmelnytskyi!

An exclusive offer
in stores of your city!

Buy any RUD TM ice cream
in a large container
and take part in the ruffle
of branded gifts!
We guarantee a prize
for everyone!

Here is a secret: another gift
waits for you in the fridge—20%
more of a “100% ice cream”

at a regular price!

Ice cream weight is perfect
for sharing and enjoying
with a large group of friends
or family. Besides, it can become
a tasty base for various
fancy desserts.

How to get a gift
ice cream
in a container
the roulette
Take your

When to come for ice cream to receive your gift?

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

from October 19 to December 9

List of stores
What will the wheel needle point to?
Spin the wheel harder
and be in luck to win want you want!

Choose your gift: our roulette
has no-lose offers!
Ice Cream Spoon
A cup
A sketch
A notepad
A set of copybooks
Lucky weekdays
The ruffle of gifts is held
in stores of Khmelnytskyi
from October 19 to December 9
List of stores
Where to get your gift?
October 19–28
  • 1. Vizyt, 1 Rankova Str.
  • 2.Hrand, 37/2 Panasa Myrnoho Str.
  • 3. Marharyta, 118 Kamianetska Str.
  • 4. Produktova kramnytsia, 46 Shevchenka Str.
  • 5. Rykun-Produkt, 78 Podilska Str.
November 2–11
  • 1. Ukraiinska z pertsem,
    4/1 Kurchatova Str.
  • 2. Kolosok, 54 Myru Ave.
  • 3. Delikat, 42/1 Nyzhnia Berehova Str.
  • 4. Koshyk, 16 Zarichanska Str.
  • 5. Smak, 10/1 Ozerna Str.
November 16–25
  • 1. Ros, Professional Technical College No.24
    bus stop, Chornovola Str.
  • 2. Tetra, 40 Trudova Str.
  • 3. Khlibosol, 103 Kamianetska Str.
  • 4. Dobrodii, 4 Instytutska Str.
  • 5. Koshyk, 46 Skovorody Str.
November 30 – December 9
  • 1. Tetra, 53 Trudova Str.
  • 2. Shchedroslav, 207/1
    Proskurivskoho Pidpillia Str.
  • 3. Vostok, 88 Kurchatova Str.
  • 4. Produkty dlia vashoi rodyny,
    4 Instytutska Str.
  • 5. Delikat, 12 Instytutska Str.
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