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NewVanilla Buttermilk
Dairy products, 500 g

Vanilla Buttermilk

This is a light and tender sour milk product with a high content of milk protein and a record amount of probiotics. Enjoy the incomparable taste of a healthy vanilla drink lovingly created by our experts! Thanks to special “friendly” bacteria, yoghurt promotes comfortable digestion and strengthens the immune system. It tastes best with homemade pastry and fresh bread.


Total protein
3,42 g
Total fat
3,0 g
Total carbohydrate
9,45 g
Energy value / Calories
329,11 кДж(kJ) / 78,66 ккал(kcal)
0,1 g

Packing structure

Weight (g)500
Quantity (pcs.)20
Company "Rud"
Dairy products

On-the-day rating: 5 of 5 (Votes: 1)

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