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New«Salad Yoghurt» Dairy products
Dairy products, 500 g

Salad Yoghurt

A light, tasty, and healthy salad dressing! A healthy alternative for those who seek a substitute to mayonnaise or other sauces. The salad yoghurt combines well with vegetables and herbs, naturally accentuates the taste of fish, seafood, and meat. Also, it is a tasteful dressing for fruit mixes! When used for the salad, yoghurt not only preserves its maximum nutritional value and flavour but also delivers its taste in a new way!


Total protein
3,96 g
Total fat
3,2 g
Total carbohydrate
4,73 g
Energy value / Calories
272 kJ (65 kcal)

Packing structure

Weight (g)500
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