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«"Zabava" Peach» Dairy products
Dairy products, 500 g

"Zabava" Peach

High-quality sour-milk product with refreshing taste, containing easily assimilated proteins necessary for human organism which provide the natural protein metabolism; fats providing organism with energy, lactic bacteria affecting the malignant organisms, phosphorus, calcium, vitamins and ferments. These foodstuff properties enable prevention of atherosclerosis and essential hypertension progress. It has unique delicate flavor and aroma of fruits.


Total protein
3.1 g
Total fat
2.5 g
Total carbohydrate
12.8 g
Energy value / Calories
360 kJ (86 kcal)

Packing structure

Weight (g)500
Quantity (pcs.)20
Company "Rud"
Dairy products

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