Petro Rud
President of the company

Petro Rud was born on April 25th, 1955 in an average Ukrainian family living in Zhytomyr region. Petro Rud finished Vrublivsk secondary school, Ivanopil vocational school, after that he was employed as a worker and then served in Soviet army. After that Petro Rud worked at Korosten tank plant as an operator, deputy director and then as the director of Korosten Municipal Milk Plant (1987—1992). Marital status — Married. Has a daughter — Oksana. In 1990, Petro Rud graduated from Ukrainian Agricultural Academy (Later it received the status of National Agrarian University). In February, 1992, Petro Rud was appointed for the position of Director of “Zhytomyr Butter Plant”.


The leading role of the director was recognized by enterprise’s personnel in April 1988, when at the general meeting the decision was made to name products with the trade mark of Rud. It has become the evidence of high quality of products, decency of Company eliminating any falsifications.

Originally we were giving consideration to more than 60 versions of a brand name, however eventually it has been given the name of Director. It was not a matter of personal ambitions. The urge was there to enable consumers to see through lens of the brand name a certain personality assuming responsibility for the Company's activities and anything that might be regarding its products.

So, the factory team has decided on giving to the brand a name of Director, i.e. RUD.

In 1999, the company was again presented to award For Technology and Product Quality. Along with that, Petro Rud was awarded with breastplate — Golden Jaguar — For Achievements in the sphere of standardization, metrology, certification and accreditation. Later on, Director of “Zhytomyr Butter Plant” was registered in the Golden Book of Ukrainian Entrepreneurship.

Dairy products became subject of interest for World Trade Leaders’ Club, represented by more than 145 countries, and Chairman of the Board — Mr. Petro Rud was invited to take part in the Club meeting in Germany. This fact is considered to be the nextg step in the worldwide recognition of “Zhytomyr Butter Plant”. It was confirmed by recognition for excellence — international award For Technology and Product Quality. After such recognition the enterprise was registered in the International Catalogue.

Thereupon, the name of Zhytomyr Butter Plant Director was written in the Golden Book of Ukrainian Entrepreneurship

For the first time in Zhytomyr region, he was awarded with diploma of national program “Person of the year — 2003”

In 2003, the Board of Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine awarded Petro Rud with labor distinction — Honor Plate, Ukrainian Ice Cream Association — with breastplate “Honorary Specialist in the field of ice cream production in Ukraine”.

By decree of the President of Ukraine in August 2005, Petro Rud was awarded with the order — “For Services”, of the III grade. Petro Rud takes the position of Adviser on Foodstuff Industry Technology items in Engineer academy of Ukraine, full member Of Ukrainian Academy for Cybernetics, Honoured officer within Ukrainian Industry (2001). Petro Rud is the deputy of Zhytomyr Regional Council, member of committee on social and economic development. For personal contribution in modern social development, Petro Rud was awarded with medal — “Leader of ХХІ century”.

Perfection of RUD TM Products

Within the framework of “ХІІІ International Forum — Quality Days in Kyiv-2004” for the best quality management, the Chairman of the board Mr. Petro Rud was recognized for excellence by presenting the certificate — “Recognition in Europe” by European Fund for Quality Management. This is considered to be one of the greatest successes of the Company’ s personnel. Perfection of Rud company’s products is being recognized within Europe. A lot could be written about the recognition of Petro Rud and company’s personnel, as such honest, fair, competent person, and highly professional, reliable and fair personnel organized by him, could not stay unnoticed.

Petro Rud as Manager of PJSC “Zhytomyr Butter Plant”,
believes in prosperity of the Ukrainian enterprises and the Ukrainian nation. He believes this prosperity will be the basis for the further development of Ukraine as a strong prosperous European State with competitive economy.
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