Yoghurt okroshka

Yoghurt okroshka



Okroshka is a cold soup made from vegetables, with the addition of meat, Bologna or Vienna sausages. There are many ways for cooking this dish: with kefir, kvass or mineral water. We suggest making okroshka with yoghurt. It has a balanced taste and great health benefits.

Delicious diet okroshka with yoghurt

Okroshka with yoghurt is a light dish low in calories. The bacteria in the yoghurt dressing improve digestion and boost the immune system, and greens and vegetables saturate your body with the necessary vitamins. Write the recipe down and let us enjoy it together!

yoghurt okroshkaFirst courses
Easy Dinner


Potatoes 4
Eggs 4
Bologna sausage 400 g
Cucumbers 2
Radish 6
Scallions 1 bunch
Dill 1 bunch
Salad Yoghurt by RudTM, 3.2% 400 g
Water 2 L
Lemon 1
Salt to taste
diet okroshka with yoghurt


Step 1

Peel the potatoes, put them into a pot, fill with water, and boil until ready. You can also bake potatoes in a slow-cooker or in the oven — this way, the vegetables will retain most vitamins. Peel the cooked potatoes and dice them finely. Hard-boil the eggs, remove the shells and dice.

Step 2

Dice Bologna sausage, cucumbers and peeled radish. Chop dill and scallions. Put all the ingredients in a pan or a deep bowl.

Step 3

Prepare the dressing. Pour cooled boiled water into the pan. Add yoghurt, some salt and two or three spoons of lemon juice. Mix all ingredients thoroughly.

Step 4

Add the dicedvegetables, sausage and greens to the yoghurt dressing, mix the ingredients well. If necessary, add a little more salt and a few drops of lemon juice. Leave the soup to rest for an hour.

Mix well before serving and then dish into plates. The soup tastes best with sourdough rye bread.

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