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Fried pies belong to traditional Ukrainian dishes, which are served by caring hostesses to the most desirable guests. Usually, the pies disappear from the plate while still warm, because it is very difficult to resist and not to try such yummy.

You can cook fried pies with any filling: cabbage, potatoes, meat, fresh berries, and jam. The main secret is unique dough, made of flour and kefir. Stretchy and quite liquid, it allows you to cook very soft and tender pies, which the whole family wants to enjoy!

fried pies with cabbage on kefir

Fried pies belong to traditional Ukrainian dishes, which are served by caring hostesses to the most desirable guests

fried pies with cabbage on kefir Baked products
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For the dough:
Flour 400 g
Kefir TM “Rud”, 3.2 % 400 ml
Sugar 1.5 tbsp.
Salt 0.5 tsp
Soda 1 tsp
Sunflower oil 1 tbsp.
For the filling:
Cabbage 500 g
Carrot 1 pc
Onion 1 pc
Salt up to taste
Pepper up to taste
Dairy products kefir
Kefir 3.2%


Stage No. 1

Prepare the filling for pies. Cut the cabbage into thin strips, chop the onion finely, and rub the carrots on a medium grater. Pour a small amount of oil into the heated pan, add the carrots and onions, lightly fry the vegetables for 5 minutes. Then, pour the cabbage and stew on the low heat until cooked. Add salt, pepper to taste.

Stage No. 2

Prepare the dough. Pour kefir, sunflower oil into a deep bowl, add sugar, salt, flour and baking soda. Mix everything thoroughly. The dough should be elastic and thick, but not dense enough.

Stage No. 3

Form pies. Pick a little flour in one hand, put a tablespoon of dough on the palm and a little filling in the center. Stick the pie with the other hand and immediately place on the preheated pan with oil. If the dough is thin, you can add a little more flour.

Stage No. 4

Fry over medium heat under a lid for 4 minutes on each side. Put prepared pies on a paper towel to absorb excess oil. Then, transfer them to the pan and cover with a lid. Serve fried pies warm with fresh cool milk.

Bon appetit!

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