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about frozen vegetables and fruit

Some information about frozen vegetables and fruit


Today, we can hardly exclude frozen products, for they have naturally entered our culinary tastes.

In the judgment of scientists, shock freezing is the best method to keep flavor qualities, nutritional value and products’ form, as well as vitamins. Quick freezing is accomplished at the temperature25—35 °С below zero in a short span of time. Water, which is contained in product, has no time to change into big crystals of ice, which can damage cell membrane that is why it is considered that frozen products keep the highest content of vitamins and other nutritive substances.

For example, quick freezing of berries ruins about 15—20 percent of Vitamin C, while preserving ruins45—50 percent; drying — 70—80%. Usually, fruit are frozen in a couple of hours after the harvest. It also secures their high quality.

Packages with frozen vegetables and fruit are becoming more popular: such products are preserved longer, have appetite form, unique natural taste… Wanna make an original surprise to your dearest one — serve dinner plate with strawberry. You need to supplement the vitamins’ deficit for your child — one package of vegetables and fruit daily will cope with it quickly. Traditional garnish palled on — vegetables mixes of carrot, haricot, cauliflower and suchlike with change Your ration for the better!

Meals, made of frozen vegetables from TM “Shef-Kuhar”, depending on ingredients, may positively influence on body condition in whole, namely: improve blood circulation and metabolism, prolong vitality and even cure cold.

We owe American scientist Clarence Birdseye the real frozen vegetables’ forthcoming, who made food products’ freezing experiments. During the experiments it was found that slow freezing leads to big ice crystals’ formation, while quick freezing — keeps cell structure and flavor qualities of product. In 1924 he established his own frozen-products’ company. Forthcoming of such products marked the technological boom in vegetables and other products keeping.

Concept of the deep-frost technology, or “shock” one, lies in the following: during couple of hours after the harvest, ripe fruit (of the highest quality) are transported to factory. They are rinsed, cleaned and sorted, desiccated and blanched. After blanching, they are cooled down and transferred to freezer, where they are frozen at the temperature 30—40 °С below zero. At such low temperature, water inside the product changes into ice microcrystals, changing not the product structure, and, therefore, — its quality. That is why nutritional value is preserved.


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