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Since the ancient times milk has been considered one of the most important food. Milk and dairy products made the core meals for the majority of people. Obviously there is no other baby food as good, useful, safe and nutritious as milk. And why do our grandmothers and mothers make us drink hot milk when we have got a cold? By the way, this product is in the list of products allowed and even required by many nutritionists.

So why is milk so useful? How does it affect the human body? What consumption amount and what kind of this product will have the greatest efficiency?

To begin with, let’s turn to the history, achievements and experience of the past. Even without knowledge of chemical components and physical properties, just observing the influence of milk on the human body, the ancient thinkers used it for treatment of many diseases. Really, this product was widely used by physicians of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.

The value of milk and its benefits are mentioned in the Vedas. According to the Scriptures, milk has a positive impact not only on the physical development of man but also on the spiritual one.

Today this product has been studied quite scrupulously, its chemical composition and physical properties are well known and the effectiveness is proven. A significant number of people just cannot imagine a day without a cup of milk.

  • A glass of warm milk with honey is considered to be the most effective way to overcome insomnia.Not being a sleeping-draught, evening milk soothes the body, reduces the stomach secretion and influences its receptors. This drink has the ability to slake the thirst.
  • The issue of gaining or losing weight has been disputed a lot. Nutritionists fail to come to an agreement, but most of them still insist on the fact that milk helps to get rid of excess weight. As the result of scientific research it was found out that the composition of milk is quite diverse and rich in useful substances and nutrients: 25 fatty acids, 30 minerals, 20 aminoacids, 20 vitamins.
  • Proteins are the most valuable. They contain almost all indispensable aminoacids. Plenty of macro- and microelements in milk are extremely important for the process of blood resumption and bone tissue formation.
  • Physicians recommend milk as a dietary and healing product to fight tuberculosis, anemia, gastritis, poisoning, kidney and liver diseases. Milk is indispensable in the diet for children and workers with heavy-load conditions.
  • This drink is also helpful for people in overcoming the stress state, calms the nervous system and relieves the blood pressure. No wonder that a baby always calms down after some milk.
  • American scientists researched the influence of milk on the cardiovascular system. They found out that the risk of such diseases as a stroke and hypertension is decreased by 50%.

The advantage of milk was proven long ago. We just need to take care of our health by using this product. In case you are not fond of milk, you can try some other dairy products, such as soft cheese, fruit yogurt, sour cream or yogurt.

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