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Whey is an elixir of health and youth


Perhaps no one would deny the beneficial impact of dairy products upon human organism. As far as whey is concerned, its useful properties are obvious since it contains more than 200 microelements, vitaminsand vital substances which if used daily, compensate for the two thirds of calcium, a half of potassium, 80% of B2 vitamin, one third of B1, B6, and B12 of daily rate.

From the remotest times, whey has been considered curative. Its eutherapeutic properties were long discovered by Greeks who took good care of their looks and sought healthy life style. Special-purpose medical institutions were established in the 18th century at which patients were treated with the whey only, up to 4 litres per day for a person. The essential properties of this product haven’t changed in time so presently many people try to improve their health with whey. It’s been proved effective to treat digestive disorders, cardiovascular, endocrine systems, urination organs and haematogenic functions.

Women from across the world use whey in cosmetology, make cosmetic masks, baths, lotions andcocktails of it which expedite the growth and renewal of body cells, clear the body of chemical waste and toxins and improve metabolism. It also effectively takes out pigment spots, freckles and face acne. A tremendous advantage of such cosmetics is its natural primary products, no artificial components which make it safe for use. For more than two centuries dairy cosmetology has been based upon the eminent methods of “Cleopatra’s baths” with the whey and fragrant oils as the key ingredients. These baths helped make skin smooth, avoid wrinkles and strengthen hair.

Whey is also the key ingredient in baby foods inasmuch as it’s very similar to breast milk. Whey has a well-balanced amount of fats, proteins and carbohydrates which doesn’t over-burden a baby’s sensitive digestive system and helps to cope with the excessive gas generation and disbacteriosis and stimulates organism barrier functions.

Moreover, whey contains amino acids that enable to secrete serotonin, a hormone of happinessaffecting many processes in organism, reducing irritation and improving pain limit. A glass of whey is recommended to be treated for depression and nervous system disorders.

Whey is a unique product which can be rightfully called a life giving elixir of youth and health, beauty and perfection. We can make words about the whey advantages, however, there’s a disadvantage as well - an individual cow’s milk protein intolerance which makes whey consumption inadmissible.


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